2013-01-29 20:43:12 by JkGamer28

So, I just checked out the Collabiate page on Newgrounds, and it has me pretty stoked! Hopefully I can find others to help me with creating animations, music, backgrounds, and the like. This is exciting, and I'm hoping I can find someone that'll help me out!


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2013-02-07 15:28:05

I Am a Writer Can i Maybe Help ?

JkGamer28 responds:

Yeah, sure! I'm always happy to have people help out in some way or form!

Please keep in mind that I'm just sinking my toes into Flash animation, so I'm still practicing many of the techniques of animation. That being said, I'm open to any ideas that you may have. Perhaps we could write something together!


2013-02-08 13:53:52

Cool :D


2013-02-19 18:37:53

you,a me and grizzly! tings are working well!