Entry #4


2013-03-19 22:45:41 by JkGamer28

Hello folks, JkGamer28 here (aka Jakob Mayberry)! Sorry I haven't been on here or updating my progress recently. Let me get you up to speed on where I'm going for my future.

I have completely lost all interest in 2D animation (which is odd, because I used to be very interested in it). Instead, I will be moving into the realm of 3D animation. I will be going to a school for 3D animation once I get my GED, which is hopefully within a couple-month time frame. This is an exciting new direction for me, as I think I have found something I'm truly interested in. 2D animation didn't really sit right with me, and I feel as if I can have a bright future when it comes to 3D animation and CG graphics.

This doesn't mean I'm leaving Newgrounds, though. I shall keep you guys up-to-date on my progress, as well as show you some tests I've been doing to show how I'm progressing. I hope you guys are as excited about this as I am, because I'm really excited about this!

Anyways, that's what I wanted to update all of my fans on! If you need to know more, feel free to PM me! Okay? Until next time (which is hopefully not that long), see ya later!


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2013-04-03 22:52:16

wow. that was un-called for.


2013-04-03 22:53:04


why would you say that?